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Compatible with any valve

Our actuators can automate any valve type from any valve brand. This is possible thanks to the customizable mounting kits that can connect to any valve with our without an ISO 5211 mounting pad. Our compact actuators are programmed specifically to each valve, enabling the user to get optimal operational torque that delivers fast and long lasting precision without damaging the valve stem or seat.

Powered by 12-24 VDC or 110-240 VAC

Modulating or on/off control with TTL, 4-20 mA or Modbus control signals

Compatible with any multi-turn, ¼ turn or linear valve with up to 1050 in-lbs output torque

Internationally recognized explosion-proof standards, and fail-safe add on features available

Industries and applications

Industrial Process
Precise flow control for any processing system in the production of chemicals, materials, food, pharmaceuticals etc..read more

Water and Wastewater
Electric control valves used for water production, distribution, collection and treatment.read more

Oil and Gas
Electric fail-safe valves installed in upstream, midstream and downstream applications. CSA and IECEX certified actuators for hazardous locations.read more

LP Gas and Propane
Fail-safe explosion proof actuators designed to reduce operational cost for propane storage, handling and dispensing. read more

Research and Engineering
Precision flow control for research and engineering projects. 20% discount available for researchers, students and faculty. read more

Botanical Extraction
Electric control valves for micro-metering precision and proportionally regulating supercritical botanical extraction.read more

Electric multi-turn actuators offer high-purity, high precision and proportional control for semiconductor manufacturing systems and wafer cleaning processes.read more

Lightweight and compact electric actuators mounted to metering valves for precise control of fuel, nitrous oxide and other combustible fluids.read more

Why choose Hanbay?

Hanbay's compact, robust and easy to use electric valve actuators deliver precise control of any fluid in any application and industry. Our sleek flow controllers are compatible with any instrumentation valve or pressure regulator (up to 6").

Hanbay Inc. is registered to do business with the U.S. Government

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About Us

Since 2004, Hanbay's advanced, precise and miniature valve actuators have modernized the electric valve actuator market...

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